West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bond, Lucille Davis  West Virginia I53260 MidOhioGen 
2 Bradford, Garrett  West Virginia I59331 MidOhioGen 
3 Brawley, Nancy  West Virginia I61097 MidOhioGen 
4 Brewer, Archie  West Virginia I62253 MidOhioGen 
5 Brown, Minnie Duncan  West Virginia I67873 MidOhioGen 
6 Bryant, Karen Ann Brake  West Virginia I70561 MidOhioGen 
7 Canterbury, Artie M.  West Virginia I82532 MidOhioGen 
8 Carmichael, John W.  West Virginia I83651 MidOhioGen 
9 Carte, Frances Hampton  West Virginia I86129 MidOhioGen 
10 Carter, John Ray Sr.  West Virginia I86599 MidOhioGen 
11 Carter, Martha A. Dunn  West Virginia I86746 MidOhioGen 
12 Coleman, Clara Ethel Stover  West Virginia I105177 MidOhioGen 
13 Collins, Velvet  West Virginia I106847 MidOhioGen 
14 Colwell, Edith or Eda A. Cain  West Virginia I107461 MidOhioGen 
15 Dean, Virginia  West Virginia I138178 MidOhioGen 
16 Dent, Lula Virginia  West Virginia I142084 MidOhioGen 
17 Doss, Grace F. Crabtree  West Virginia I150309 MidOhioGen 
18 Doss, Oscar Taylor  West Virginia I150324 MidOhioGen 
19 Douglas, Virgil  West Virginia I151039 MidOhioGen 
20 Eads, Paul R.  West Virginia I158151 MidOhioGen 
21 Ellis, Robert  West Virginia I164875 MidOhioGen 
22 Farris, Mae Powers  West Virginia I173090 MidOhioGen 
23 Farris, Roy  West Virginia I173111 MidOhioGen 
24 Frum, Ada Pearl  West Virginia I193117 MidOhioGen 
25 Gambos, Ernest T.  West Virginia I197170 MidOhioGen 
26 George, Thomas Richard  West Virginia I202035 MidOhioGen 
27 Graham, Gary B.  West Virginia I211072 MidOhioGen 
28 Graham, Nancy Stewart  West Virginia I211466 MidOhioGen 
29 Green, Annie M.  West Virginia I213675 MidOhioGen 
30 Hamon, Admeral Ray  West Virginia I227796 MidOhioGen 
31 Hudson, Charles C.  West Virginia I265390 MidOhioGen 
32 Jividen, Rev. Harold  West Virginia I280027 MidOhioGen 
33 Johnson, Roy C.  West Virginia I283356 MidOhioGen 
34 Leighton, Reba Dorsey  West Virginia I323205 MidOhioGen 
35 LeMaster, Herman A.  West Virginia I323547 MidOhioGen 
36 Lewis, Norma H.  West Virginia I327000 MidOhioGen 
37 Lipscomb, Stafford M.  West Virginia I330243 MidOhioGen 
38 Little, Earl John  West Virginia I330636 MidOhioGen 
39 Maloney, Eleanor J.  West Virginia I347527 MidOhioGen 
40 McIntyre, Edith Watson  West Virginia I370199 MidOhioGen 
41 McTaggart, Edith Stone  West Virginia I376928 MidOhioGen 
42 Montez, Enis Ardella Lovern Sturgeon  West Virginia I392265 MidOhioGen 
43 Morgan, Ophia Long  West Virginia I397706 MidOhioGen 
44 Morrow, Minnie Sheline  West Virginia I400026 MidOhioGen 
45 Moses, Thomas Reed  West Virginia I401095 MidOhioGen 
46 Mutter, Wallace H.  West Virginia I405992 MidOhioGen 
47 Myers, Virginia  West Virginia I407291 MidOhioGen 
48 Nibert, Clara Ethel Stover  West Virginia I413302 MidOhioGen 
49 Noble, Margaret Elizabeth Coen  West Virginia I416091 MidOhioGen 
50 Nott, Mary Esther Nevelle  West Virginia I418322 MidOhioGen 

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