Sunbury Cem



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Clarence Earl  Sunbury Cem I1229 MidOhioGen 
2 Adams, Martha  Sunbury Cem I2101 MidOhioGen 
3 Alexander, Eliza  Sunbury Cem I4747 MidOhioGen 
4 Allen, Frankie  Sunbury Cem I5976 MidOhioGen 
5 Allison, David  Sunbury Cem I6938 MidOhioGen 
6 Allison, David  Sunbury Cem I7436 MidOhioGen 
7 Armstrong, Arthur Ticknor  Sunbury Cem I13990 MidOhioGen 
8 Armstrong, Benjamin D.  Sunbury Cem I13998 MidOhioGen 
9 Armstrong, Caroline Van Dorn  Sunbury Cem I14018 MidOhioGen 
10 Armstrong, Charles  Sunbury Cem I14029 MidOhioGen 
11 Armstrong, David  Sunbury Cem I14048 MidOhioGen 
12 Armstrong, Edson McClure  Sunbury Cem I14061 MidOhioGen 
13 Armstrong, Elizabeth Slocum  Sunbury Cem I14086 MidOhioGen 
14 Armstrong, Emily Kimball  Sunbury Cem I14106 MidOhioGen 
15 Armstrong, Henry C.  Sunbury Cem I14184 MidOhioGen 
16 Armstrong, John  Sunbury Cem I14260 MidOhioGen 
17 Armstrong, Sarah Draper  Sunbury Cem I14490 MidOhioGen 
18 Atherton, Allen J.  Sunbury Cem I17551 MidOhioGen 
19 Atherton, Allen J.  Sunbury Cem I18006 MidOhioGen 
20 Atherton, Amy  Sunbury Cem I17552 MidOhioGen 
21 Atherton, Amy  Sunbury Cem I18007 MidOhioGen 
22 Atherton, Betty  Sunbury Cem I17557 MidOhioGen 
23 Atherton, Betty  Sunbury Cem I18012 MidOhioGen 
24 Atherton, Jenkins  Sunbury Cem I17583 MidOhioGen 
25 Atherton, Jenkins  Sunbury Cem I18038 MidOhioGen 
26 Atherton, Mary  Sunbury Cem I17598 MidOhioGen 
27 Atherton, Mary  Sunbury Cem I18053 MidOhioGen 
28 Atherton, Rufus  Sunbury Cem I17611 MidOhioGen 
29 Atherton, Rufus  Sunbury Cem I18066 MidOhioGen 
30 Bailey, Albert  Sunbury Cem I20864 MidOhioGen 
31 Bailey, Almina Searles  Sunbury Cem I20873 MidOhioGen 
32 Bailey, Eugene  Sunbury Cem I21132 MidOhioGen 
33 Bailey, Eunice  Sunbury Cem I21133 MidOhioGen 
34 Bailey, James  Sunbury Cem I21270 MidOhioGen 
35 Bailey, Luella E.  Sunbury Cem I21431 MidOhioGen 
36 Baker, James  Sunbury Cem I22873 MidOhioGen 
37 Beach, George  Sunbury Cem I32943 MidOhioGen 
38 Beach, Lydia  Sunbury Cem I33076 MidOhioGen 
39 Beach, Permelia  Sunbury Cem I33152 MidOhioGen 
40 Beard, Rachel  Sunbury Cem I34551 MidOhioGen 
41 Bell, Iva M. Birch  Sunbury Cem I37843 MidOhioGen 
42 Bell, Nancy  Sunbury Cem I38231 MidOhioGen 
43 Bennett, Agnes L. McAllister  Sunbury Cem I40060 MidOhioGen 
44 Benton, Alice  Sunbury Cem I41411 MidOhioGen 
45 Benton, George H.  Sunbury Cem I41542 MidOhioGen 
46 Benton, Julia Patrick  Sunbury Cem I41618 MidOhioGen 
47 Benton, Orville  Sunbury Cem I41706 MidOhioGen 
48 Bidlack, Almon C.  Sunbury Cem I44005 MidOhioGen 
49 Bidlack, James  Sunbury Cem I44030 MidOhioGen 
50 Bidlack, Mary J.  Sunbury Cem I44046 MidOhioGen 

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