Shawtown Cem



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldrich, Matilda  Shawtown Cem I4461 MidOhioGen 
2 Aldrich, Reuben  Shawtown Cem I4482 MidOhioGen 
3 Armentrout, Laura  Shawtown Cem I13818 MidOhioGen 
4 Armentrout, Mary  Shawtown Cem I13841 MidOhioGen 
5 Bacon, Perry C.  Shawtown Cem I20359 MidOhioGen 
6 Barry, Capt. Elisha  Shawtown Cem I29411 MidOhioGen 
7 Barry, Frank O.  Shawtown Cem I29430 MidOhioGen 
8 Barry, Harriet Ann  Shawtown Cem I29436 MidOhioGen 
9 Barry, Martha  Shawtown Cem I29488 MidOhioGen 
10 Barry, Rachel Lucas  Shawtown Cem I29511 MidOhioGen 
11 Barry, Ralph W.  Shawtown Cem I29513 MidOhioGen 
12 Barry, Sarah  Shawtown Cem I29533 MidOhioGen 
13 Barry, Walter W.  Shawtown Cem I29552 MidOhioGen 
14 Benedict, Ella Estelle  Shawtown Cem I39336 MidOhioGen 
15 Borman, Henry C.  Shawtown Cem I54506 MidOhioGen 
16 Bowyer, George W.  Shawtown Cem I57877 MidOhioGen 
17 Breckenridge, Edith  Shawtown Cem I61188 MidOhioGen 
18 Brenizer, Beulah Ann Shaw  Shawtown Cem I61947 MidOhioGen 
19 Brenizer, Jesse E.  Shawtown Cem I61956 MidOhioGen 
20 Brenizer, William J.  Shawtown Cem I61968 MidOhioGen 
21 Camp, Celista J.  Shawtown Cem I81266 MidOhioGen 
22 Camp, Eliza D.  Shawtown Cem I81272 MidOhioGen 
23 Camp, Emily  Shawtown Cem I81273 MidOhioGen 
24 Camp, Emlon T.  Shawtown Cem I81274 MidOhioGen 
25 Camp, Hannah  Shawtown Cem I81280 MidOhioGen 
26 Clark  Shawtown Cem I98083 MidOhioGen 
27 Clark, Eliza C.  Shawtown Cem I96315 MidOhioGen 
28 Clark, Elizabeth S.  Shawtown Cem I96373 MidOhioGen 
29 Clark, Madison R.  Shawtown Cem I97239 MidOhioGen 
30 Clark, Mary  Shawtown Cem I97420 MidOhioGen 
31 Clark, William  Shawtown Cem I98058 MidOhioGen 
32 Clark, William P.  Shawtown Cem I98087 MidOhioGen 
33 Clements, Maggie  Shawtown Cem I99299 MidOhioGen 
34 Conklin, Almiry  Shawtown Cem I109044 MidOhioGen 
35 Conklin, Margaret  Shawtown Cem I109419 MidOhioGen 
36 Curren, David  Shawtown Cem I128023 MidOhioGen 
37 Curren, Enice Marinda  Shawtown Cem I128042 MidOhioGen 
38 Curren, Isaac W.  Shawtown Cem I128070 MidOhioGen 
39 Curren, Leslie R.  Shawtown Cem I128097 MidOhioGen 
40 Curren, Margaret  Shawtown Cem I128103 MidOhioGen 
41 Curren, Nolan A.  Shawtown Cem I128136 MidOhioGen 
42 Curren, Walter  Shawtown Cem I128168 MidOhioGen 
43 Curren, Willice J.  Shawtown Cem I128169 MidOhioGen 
44 Eavley, Charles L.  Shawtown Cem I159466 MidOhioGen 
45 Eavley, Frederick  Shawtown Cem I159467 MidOhioGen 
46 Eavley, Mary  Shawtown Cem I159468 MidOhioGen 
47 Faris, Enoch  Shawtown Cem I172346 MidOhioGen 
48 Gatshall, Hannah  Shawtown Cem I200260 MidOhioGen 
49 Gattshall, Mariah Barry  Shawtown Cem I200305 MidOhioGen 
50 Haggard, Ella M.  Shawtown Cem I222768 MidOhioGen 

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