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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashbrook, Judson L.  Ebenezer Cem I16864 MidOhioGen 
2 Ashbrook, Judson L.  Ebenezer Cem I16865 MidOhioGen 
3 Ashbrook, Savilla  Ebenezer Cem I16907 MidOhioGen 
4 Ashbrook, Tunis P.  Ebenezer Cem I16916 MidOhioGen 
5 Austin, Abigail  Ebenezer Cem I18886 MidOhioGen 
6 Baker, Morris  Ebenezer Cem I23368 MidOhioGen 
7 Beck, Lulu  Ebenezer Cem I35530 MidOhioGen 
8 Beck, Solomon D.  Ebenezer Cem I35637 MidOhioGen 
9 Benedict, Albert  Ebenezer Cem I39223 MidOhioGen 
10 Benedict, Ida E.  Ebenezer Cem I39406 MidOhioGen 
11 Benedict, Ilena  Ebenezer Cem I39408 MidOhioGen 
12 Benedict, Minnie  Ebenezer Cem I39530 MidOhioGen 
13 Bennett, Abram  Ebenezer Cem I40054 MidOhioGen 
14 Bennett, Addie Rebecca  Ebenezer Cem I40057 MidOhioGen 
15 Bennett, Albert  Ebenezer Cem I40062 MidOhioGen 
16 Bennett, Artie L.  Ebenezer Cem I40107 MidOhioGen 
17 Bennett, Isaac D.  Ebenezer Cem I40468 MidOhioGen 
18 Bennett, John  Ebenezer Cem I40548 MidOhioGen 
19 Bennett, John  Ebenezer Cem I40558 MidOhioGen 
20 Bennett, Johnie Grant  Ebenezer Cem I40525 MidOhioGen 
21 Bennett, Mary  Ebenezer Cem I40742 MidOhioGen 
22 Bennett, Phebe  Ebenezer Cem I40833 MidOhioGen 
23 Bennett, Rebecca Donnelson  Ebenezer Cem I40860 MidOhioGen 
24 Casto, Margaret  Ebenezer Cem I89272 MidOhioGen 
25 Cross, Frank M.  Ebenezer Cem I124300 MidOhioGen 
26 Dillingham, Lydia  Ebenezer Cem I145700 MidOhioGen 
27 Dillingham, Lydia A.  Ebenezer Cem I145699 MidOhioGen 
28 Doty, John  Ebenezer Cem I150502 MidOhioGen 
29 Doughty, Abigail Corwin or Austin  Ebenezer Cem I150774 MidOhioGen 
30 Doughty, Stephen J.  Ebenezer Cem I150842 MidOhioGen 
31 Doughty, Stephen W.  Ebenezer Cem I150843 MidOhioGen 
32 Doughty, William Austin  Ebenezer Cem I150851 MidOhioGen 
33 Evans, Arthur A.  Ebenezer Cem I168642 MidOhioGen 
34 Evans, Caroline Ullery  Ebenezer Cem I168754 MidOhioGen 
35 Evans, George W.  Ebenezer Cem I169297 MidOhioGen 
36 Evans, Lewis H.  Ebenezer Cem I169827 MidOhioGen 
37 Evans, Mary George  Ebenezer Cem I170071 MidOhioGen 
38 Evans, Owen  Ebenezer Cem I170252 MidOhioGen 
39 Evans, Verda or Verdie  Ebenezer Cem I170661 MidOhioGen 
40 Fickle, Henry  Ebenezer Cem I176792 MidOhioGen 
41 Fickle, Joseph A.  Ebenezer Cem I176801 MidOhioGen 
42 Gardner, Alfred  Ebenezer Cem I197837 MidOhioGen 
43 Gardner, Elizabeth  Ebenezer Cem I197957 MidOhioGen 
44 Gardner, Elizabeth King  Ebenezer Cem I197959 MidOhioGen 
45 Gardner, John  Ebenezer Cem I198137 MidOhioGen 
46 Gardner, John  Ebenezer Cem I198141 MidOhioGen 
47 Gardner, Margaret  Ebenezer Cem I198239 MidOhioGen 
48 Gardner, Margaret Emmerson  Ebenezer Cem I198238 MidOhioGen 
49 Gardner, Sarah  Ebenezer Cem I198389 MidOhioGen 
50 Gardner, Zachary T.  Ebenezer Cem I198457 MidOhioGen 

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